Extra Mile Schedule

Thursday, September 15th:

  • Evening Welcome Reception: Get to know the Extra Mile Retreat mentors and participants over drinks and appetizers

Friday, September 16th:

  • Breakfast
  • Welcome Introductions
  • Gametime Spotlight Exercise – “The Assist”
  • Rich Sheubrooks- 4 Assists to Accelerate Your Life
  • Lunch
  • Jerry West- Flight, Float or Flee
  • Group Dynamics Discussions
  • Blind Leading the Blind (Teamwork Exercise)
  • Group Dinner
  • After Dinner Round Table Symposium

Saturday, September 17th:

  • Beach Walk
  • Breakfast
  • Jerry West- Winning Culture, Climate and Platform for Success
  • Leadership  Summit: Jerry West, Rich Sheubrooks, Kevin O’Connor
  • Muriel Sheubrooks- ”Everything I know I learned from Nursery Rhymes”
  • Lunch
  • Rich Sheubrooks- 12 Maxims 
    1. My Sacred Cow Is Do It Now
    2. Turn To Your List for The Biggest Assist
    3. The Greatest Health Is Wealth
    4. Open Minds Open Doors
    5. Rise Above By Choosing Love
    6. Drive With Your Top Down
    7. Change Increases Range
    8. Don’t Drink The Poison And Expect The Other Person To Die
    9. Create Rather Than Compete In Life
    10. Add Laugh To Your Epitaph
    11. Have An Extreme Dream
    12. Go The Distance With Persistence
  • Breakout Sessions 
    • Joe Garcia (Living a Healthy Lifestyle)
    • Pete Philo (Opportunities of a Lifetime)
    • Kevin O’Connor (Building a Winning Organization)
    • Fran Fraschilla (Interviews)
  • Group Dinner
  • After Dinner Group Discussion

Sunday, September 18th:

  • Optional- Golf with Mentors and Advisory Staff